About R. D. Henham

Ever wonder about the everydragon’s story?
I am R. D. Henham, a scribe in the Great Library of Palanthas. Experience the danger, adventure, excitement and fun as my assistants and I tell the tales of each of the color of dragons on Krynn. Seven amazing stories you won’t want to miss.


In the first adventure, a cunning red dragon seeks to destroy her nemesis the silver dragon. Her plot ensnares Mudd and his friends who must find a way to stop her.

Assistant Scribe: Rebecca Shelley
Bronze Dragon Codex


In the second adventure Tatelyn wonders could a “good” dragon really be evil.

Assistant Scribe: Amie Rose Rotruck
Black Dragon Codex.


In the third book we find out what happens when an evil dragon becomes your ally.

Assistant Scribe: Ree Soesbee
Brass Dragon Codex.


In the forth book the young brass dragon, Kyani, asks the age-old question, “Should I eat this priceless painting, or not?”

Assistant Scribe: Rebecca Shelley
Green Dragon Codex.


In the fifth book Scamp seeks to uncover the mystery of the dragon’s chest.

Assistant Scribe: Clint Johnson



In the sixth adventure, a new hero polishes the tarnished reputation of a noble silver dragon.

Assistant Scribe: Ree Soesbee


Gold Dragon Codex.


The final adventure shows just how much a young boy can do when he realizes that the strength of a gold dragon may lie inside himself.

Assistant Scribe: Ree Soesbee


Special Note: Assistant scribe Rebecca Shelley is in the process of writing a new dragon series set in a completely different word, with all new characters. Not affiliated with Dragonlance at all. The first three books in the series will be Blue Dragon, White Dragon, and Copper Dragon. Look for Blue Dragon to come out from Wonder Realms Books early 2012.

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  1. Annelda Morris said:

    What happened to the blue,white, and copper dragon codex books cant find those anywhere.

    • Hi Annelda, thanks for stopping by the website. The short answer is that the publishing imprint that was publishing the Dragon Codex books closed before finishing the series. I, as one of the series authors, took the most important aspects of my outlines for those three books and started a new series, set in a completely new fantasy world, published by Wonder Realms Books. Here’s a link to the first book in the new series Dragonbound: Blue Dragon

      The books currently in the series are
      Dragonbound: Blue Dragon
      Dragonbound II: White Dragon
      Dragonbound III: Copper Dragon
      Dragonbound IV: Red Dragon
      Dragonbound V: Silver Dragon
      Dragonbound VI: Green Dragon
      Dragonbound VII: Gold Dragon
      Dragonbound VIII: Black Dragon
      Dragonbound IX: Great Blue Liberator
      Dragonbound X: A New Day
      Dragonbound: Dragon Hunter’s Guide
      Nikeron The Great Book I

      • annelda morris said:

        Where can i buy the complete series it looks like it limited on amazon i love dragon fantasy books



        • The full series is on Amazon and apple and Barnes & Noble and Kobo. It is available in ebook and paperback, and the first two books are also available as audio books.

          • annelda morris said:

            Couldnt really find them on amazon



          • annelda morris said:

            Do they all come in one big pack or have to biy separately



          • annelda morris said:

            I prefer actual books lol i hate that electronic ebook stuff.



          • annelda morris said:

            How do you pronounce the main characters name. kanvar



            • [kan-vär] kan like can and var like in varsity.

              • Annelda Morris said:

                Awesome thank you for letting me know im not going to even try pronouncing the dragons names lol ive had to create nicknames from their names. I hope i dont spoil something here but i love how dhar tried to kill kanvar and now they are bonded and best-friends now. Who knew a mean old dragon could be somewhat comedic.

                • I love Dhar, he’s awesome.Fierce when he needs to be fierce and funny when everyone else is too serious. The dragon names are Hindu, by the way. Dharanidhar is one of the names of the Hindu Cosmic Serpent. Abhavasimha means fearless lion.

                  • Annelda Morris said:

                    That is awesome I just wish I could pronounce them all and if it’s OK with you my next dog probably going to name them after one of these dragons specially the one from dragonbound 3 called Silverwave i love that

            • I love Silverwave. At least it’s pronounceable, right. 🙂 It would be awesome to name a pet after her.

              • Annelda Morris said:

                Oh it’s definitely easier to pronounce also if you don’t mind and if you’re not too busy I’ve kind of written my own story it’s based off of the anime Gundam wing and it’s on FanFiction.Net would you mind reading it I would love to know what you think get And get another writers opinion. I won’t post the link in these reply comments would it be OK to have your email so I can send it to you that way

      • Jessica Scott said:

        Will Nikeron the great be paperback in the near future or only digital?

  2. I am so tempted to read the newest books. If I could get the address to the library I would be sending possibly letters. I have a fascination for dragons and the the books you have written, wonderful job! Your books are so amazing and inspirational. You ,in my opinion, are the best author.

  3. Zach megna said:

    Will you ever possibly try and write the other dragonlance dragon codexs in the future that would be really cool

    • Special Note: Assistant scribe Rebecca Shelley is in the process of writing a new dragon series set in a completely different word, with all new characters. Not affiliated with Dragonlance at all. The first three books in the series will be Blue Dragon, White Dragon, and Copper Dragon. Look for Blue Dragon to come out from Wonder Realms Books early 2012.

  4. Zach megna said:

    Will you ever possibly try and write the other dragonlance dragon codexs in the future that would be really cool

  5. Anonymous said:

    Aww man that stinks that I can’t read about Blue,White, or Copper dragons anymore and I’m worried that if I read the bragonbound series I would get so confused.

    • Dragonbound is definitely a different world from Dragonlance, but you might like it if you think of it as a completely different story. Use the contact link on my website http://www.rebeccashelley.com to email me, and I’ll email you the first book in the Dragonbound series for free as an ebook to try it out.

      • Anonymous said:

        If i may ask Rebecca Shelly, are the Blue, white, or copper dragon books out yet? If so how and where can i purchase these books. I would also like to ask if you know of a website where i can purchase the rest of the Dragon Codexes, Red, Brass, Green, Silver, and Gold. I already have the two codexes Bronze and Black. Thank you for reading.

  6. I love tjis books but i want to kmow more about draconians also do you think you could contact game of thrones to get draconions in the books and or shows

    • I totally love Draconians. They are a lot of fun to write about. There’s a great description of draconians on wiki

      “Draconians, also called dragonmen, are humanoid beings with dragonlike features created during the War of the Lance. They are originally made from the eggs of good dragons corrupted with dark magic. During that era Draconians served as assault troops and special forces in the Dragonarmies of Takhisis. After the war they scattered to various regions of Ansalon. During the Chaos War a small group of the draconians find eggs containing female draconians. After the females hatched those draconians form the nation of Teyr, establishing the draconian race. Draconians are split into five principle races; Baaz, Kapak, Sivak, Aurak, and Bozak. There are also noble draconians, which are formed from the eggs of evil dragons, and have a good alignment. There are flame, vapor, lightning, venom, and frost variants.”


      Unfortunately, the Dragonlance franchise is held by a completely different company than the Game of Thrones franchise. It is unlikely that we’d get the two companies to combine the Dragonlance and Game of Thrones worlds. 😦 If you want to read more stories with draconians, however, you could check out The War of the Lance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_Lance

  7. Morganna Lord said:

    I was wondering if I could use the practical guide series in a book I kind of want to write. I know you’re not the one who wrote it but I was wanting permmison and I dont know how to get ahold of the authors of the series. It would be great to be able to use them. I have several therories of how the book is gonna go but I don’t want to cross any lines with copy rights.

    • Hi Morganna, that’s awesome you have a book you want to write! The copyright for all the practical guide books is owned by Wizard’s of the Coast. http://company.wizards.com/ . So, you’d want to contact them with the book proposal. They’d have to accept your proposal and offer a contract for you to write anything in their copyrighted worlds. I enjoyed working with Wizard’s of the Coast when they asked me to do a proposal for Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex. It was a really fun project, but they own the copyright and I had to get a contract from them to be able to write the books. Unfortunately the editor I worked with on the project is no longer there, so you’d need to go to the website and look for contact information. I wish you the very best with the project. So glad to see your interest. 🙂

  8. Andrew C said:

    So there are not going to be anymore dragon codex books anymore? 😢

    • 😦 Correct. Here is the last letter we got from R. D. Henham:

      357 AC

      I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to get your letter. Mail so seldom makes it from your world into Krynn, especially at a time like this.

      I’m glad to hear that you love the Dragon Codex books. My Kender friend, Sindri Suncatcher, went to great lengths to collect the information for these stories, often putting himself in extreme danger to do so (his idea of fun and excitement, since Kender do not feel fear like other races). My assistant scribes and I worked long hours to turn his notes into stories that can be read by all.

      I humbly thank you for your offer to assist with the Copper, White, and Blue Dragon Codex books. Your willingness to help is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately events have made writing those last three books impossible at this time. The Blue Lady, one of the most powerful and ruthless Dragon Highlords is attacking Palanthas with her dragons, draconians, and a terrifying flying citadel. Battle rages in the streets. The Temple of Paladine is burning. Even as I write, my fellow scribes are mounting a defense of the library. The section which houses my office is already in flames. I fear many of Sindri’s notes are lost. When this is over, if I survive, I will try to recover as much of Sindri’s research as I can. We may have to accept, however, that the final three books might never get written.

      I wish you all the very best.

      R.D. Henham

      You can read more about the war (mentioned in R. D. Henham’s letter) in the Dragonlance Legends Trilogy.



      There is also a new dragon series NOT set in the Dragonlance world by assistant scribe Rebecca Shelley, which you can learn about here https://rebeccashelley.wordpress.com/dragonbound/

      Sorry for the disappointment. We are all very saddened by these turn of events.

  9. To H. D. Henham:

    I bought your book Red Dragon Codex a few months back, and I loved it, but I had a few questions, the most dominant being how did you get the publishing rights to write in the Dragonlance universe, the creation of Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis? I thought there were laws against that kind of thing, but what the heck do I, a teenager reader, know?

    Michael Levin
    Se mor’ranr ono finna

    • Hi Michael,

      Glad you liked Red Dragon Codex. I really enjoyed writing it. You are correct about the copyright laws. Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis wrote the first Dragonlance books, however as I understand it, they were writing work for hire for Wizard’s of the Coast at the time. A work for hire contract means that the copyright belongs to the company that hired the writers. Because of that, Wizards of the Coast owns Dragonlance and has hired dozens of writers over the years to write books in that world. Mirrorstone Books that published the Dragon Codex books is an imprint of Wizards of the Coast. I and the other writers listed above who wrote under the R. D. Henham pen name were invited to write the Dragon Codex books under the work for hire contract by the copyright owners. It was a heavenly invitation, like writing fan fiction legally and getting paid for it. 😀

  10. heh heh…. dident read the part at the bottem, oops

  11. I read all 7 books and loved them but I am curios if there will be more, like copper or blue dragon codexes.

  12. J. J. Bloomquist said:

    I read in the Young Wizards Handbook that R.D. had written a book called Chomped! Complete Guide to Field-Dressing Dragon Bites. I cannot find anything about it anywhere. Does this book really exist?

    • Wow. I’ve never heard of that. The Yound Wizards Handbook is written by R. D. Henham’s assistant scribe Amie Rose Rotruck. I just left her an inquiry about it on her website. Chomped may be one of the manuscripts that was burned in the fire when the dragon armies attacked the Great Library of Palanthas. Several books that were planned for publication were lost in that horrible war.

  13. Sonia D for Quentin said:

    Hi, mon son has an author project and loves Dragon Codex. We need a biography of the author, when and where he/she was born, how the author started writing books, fun facts about the author. It seems difficult to find. Can someone help? Thank you.

    • Hi Sonia and Quentin,

      Thank you for asking about my life. I’m happy to share with youngsters who may grow up to be scribes themselves one day. In my opinion, the city of Palanthas is the most beautiful in all of Krynn, though I am probably biased since I grew up there. Palanthas is built like a wheel with eight broad roads radiating from the central courtyard toward the major compass points. At the very center is Lord Amothus’s palace. Not far from there to the west is the Library of Palanthas.

      I started my work in the library at a young age. It was hard work making paper and parchment for the senior scribes to use. I was also responsible for cooking and cleaning and seeing to the needs of the older scribes. In exchange for all the hard work, I learned to read and write. That was a great gift because most of the commoners in my world cannot do it. If I had grown up working as a scullery maid like my mother, I would never have known the joy and wonder of reading about far off places and people and grand adventures. My life would have been so empty if I had not learned to read.

      As I grew older and more skilled at reading and writing, I advanced to a different form of work. In my world, if a book is written, it is written by hand with quill and ink. There is, ever after, only one copy of that book unless someone takes the time to copy it word-by-word, line-by-line, page-by-Page, by hand. This then became my duty. Many nights I would go to bed after hours of writing with my hand wrapped in a cold damp cloth to ease the ache. Many scribes never move beyond this level, but I worked very hard, always improving my handwriting and speed. I also learned the art of illumination, the art of illustrating books with complexly detailed pictures.

      At last, I became a senior scribe in the library. Now my duties include looking after the books and writing books of my own. But what could I write about that all the scribes before me had not written? I puzzled over this for many years. Then one day I met a young Kender named Sindri Suncatcher. Kender have no fear of anything and are very curious. One of Sindri’s favorite sayings is, “What’s the fun of learning new things about the world if there isn’t a good bit of danger involved?”

      After having many great and dangerous adventures, which you can read about in the Dragonlance: The New Adventures books, Sindri set out to learn all he could about the dragons of Krynn. As you can guess, finding dragons and learning about them is a dangerous business, but Sindri managed it. He wrote a book called A Practical Guide to Dragons, which became very popular in your world.

      After talking to Sindri, I realized he had not only learned about the dragons, but also had interviewed them and collected many stories about the dragons’ lives. His notes were a rather tangled mess, and he had no desire to spend more time writing anything. “Writing is for scribes,” he said. “I’m off in search of more adventures.” So, with the aid of Sindri’s notes, I set to the task of writing the dragon stories of Krynn, which have been published in your world as the Dragon Codex series. I enjoyed my work writing about dragons. My plan was to write one book for each of the ten types of dragons in my world. I finished seven of the books, and then the unthinkable happened. The evil dragon armies led by a Dragon Highlord attacked Palanthas. There was a horrible battle. The draconian soldiers even attacked the library. I and my fellow scribes mounted the best defense we could, but we’ve been trained to wield pens not swords. Much of the library was burned, and we lost many irreplaceable books. My office also burned, and I lost all of Sindri’s notes for the last three books. That was heartbreaking. Since the fire, I’ve been busy trying to repair the damage and rewrite from memory many of the ancient texts that were lost.

      If only I lived in your world where hundreds of thousands of copies of a single book can be printed in a short period of time. What a wonder that would be. No story would need be lost ever again. You should treasure your libraries and your books. Life would be very dull without them.

      I wish you all the best,

      R. D. Henham

    • Hi Sonia,

      I’ve been trying to reply via email to your request from the contact me form. I keep getting back a notice that the server can’t make an SMTP connection so the email won’t go through. I’m not sure what’s up with that, so I’m hoping you will see this post at least. Here is a short bio for me.

      Rebecca Shelley was born in Utah on April 14, 1969. She spent her childhood making up stories of heroes on grand adventures. She started her first book in Elementary School and wrote her first full length novel at the end of Jr. High. She started her second novel her senior year in High School, and her third novel while attending college as an English Major. She got married in 1992 to her wonderful husband, David, and has four children, three girls and a boy. She had written quite a few books by the time the editor at Mirrorstone Books asked her to send in a proposal for the Dragon Codex books. Rebecca jumped into the project with enthusiasm, and developed the story idea for Red Dragon Codex. Happily, her idea was accepted and she was able to write Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex. Since then she’s gone on to write the bestselling Smartboys Club series, a YA paranormal trilogy, and the Dragonbound series, as well as many other books and short stories.

      Some fun facts about Rebecca Shelley. Rebecca has done some fun and adventurous things such as earn her private pilot’s license, climb the highest mountain in Utah, sky dive, compete in an 80 mile dog sled race, and create her own wedding cake in the form of a 4 foot tall fairytale castle. A couple of years ago, Rebecca finally obtained her life-long dream of moving to the country where there is fresh air, wide open spaces, and sunsets can be viewed in a 360 degree unobstructed panorama.

  14. Since it has been sometime since Wizards’ reorganization/ new ownership, and the dust has settled… Any plans to approach the Dungeons & Dragons company? With the release of nexus, 5th edition, tyranny of dragons, and rise of Tiamat (etc.) I can’t help but notice all the ties and direct references to dragonlance. Even the devil’s due graphic novel of the dragonlance chronicles was republished under the Dungeons and Dragons company just this year. Maybe it is worth another attempt? Obviously there is a demand/ market for d&d / dragonlance books for kids/ young adults. The prices are still crazy for a few of the dragon codex series. Cheers! 😉

    • Yes, sounds like Wizard’s of the Coast has decided to put out some new Dragonlance associated books. I’ll have to look into it. I know they totally shut down Mirrorstone Books which was their children’s book imprint. So none of the editors who know me or that I’ve worked with are still around that I know of. Even the Mirrorstone Books website is gone. But it couldn’t hurt to try to contact WOTC anyway. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  15. Jenn Stone said:

    My son just happened to pick this series up in our local library and fell in love with the Dragon Codex. But yes, at last he wants the rest of hem for Christmas and they are so outrageously priced !! I was shocked.

    • Gary Schubert II said:

      Check out Half Price Books. They have really good prices. He will love the books. Me & my boys read all of them.

  16. Cassie Schrock said:

    Looking to purchase the Copper,White, and Blue Dragon Codex hard cover books.

    • Hi Cassie,

      Bad news. The publisher discontinued the Dragon Codex series before the final three books could be published. Copper, White, and Blue Dragon Codex do not exist.

      However . . . I have written a new dragon series, set in a different world with completely different dragons and characters (based off the general premise of the outlines I had planned for Copper, White, and Blue Dragon Codex, but different enough there aren’t any copyright infringement issues). Books currently in print in the new Dragonbound Series are.

      Dragonbound: Blue Dragon
      Dragonbound II: White Dragon
      Dragonbound III: Copper Dragon
      Dragonbound IV: Red Dragon
      Dragonbound V: Silver Dragon
      Dragonbound VI: Green Dragon


      • Do you have plans for hardcover releases on these ?

        • That would be so totally awesome cool. I haven’t heard plans as of yet, but I’ll definitely suggest it. We have just completed the audio book for Dragonbound: Blue Dragon, though. The voice artist, Tren Sparks, is totally fantastic. I cannot believe what a brilliant job he’s done. The audio book should be available on Amazon and Apple in the next week or so.

        • Hey Ryan, are you signed up to receive email notices when new books release and go on sale and stuff? The paperback Dragonbound VI: Green Dragon is currently on sale exclusively on Amazon for $6.99 instead of the regular $14.99 until the Monday after Thanksgiving. I was just getting ready to send out the notice on that along with the announcement of the audio book and a special thanksgiving sale where all the ebooks will be $0.99 Thanksgiving weekend.

        • Yes!!!!!!!!! It sounds like hardcover might now be a possibility. I’m super excited.

          • jessica scott said:

            Omg if they come in hardback i hope they go back and remake the rest hardbacks ;u;

          • Hi Jessica, how are things going for you? Sounds like if it happens for sure they’ll probably start with Dragonbound: Blue Dragon in hardcover and release the hardcovers in order that way. At least that’s what I think will happen. could be wrong though. We’ll have to see. I’m just glad that it’s now looking like hardcovers are a possibility.

  17. Hey all, I’ve created a facebook page for the Dragonbound series where I’ll be posting updates on how the writing is going, when new books release and books will go on sale. Also on the facebook page there is a notification sign up icon you can click on to sign up for email notification when new books come out. Here’s the link.


  18. I am trying to buy the Green Dragon Codex and was wondering why it is so much more expensive then the rest of the series? I am afraid that my son will not be able to finish the series because of the cost of the next book in line when the ones that follow are affordable.

    • Dragon Lover said:

      It could be cause the book has become rare like certain video games that remain high even though they’ve been out for years. I did find a used copy for $39 but that’s not really cheap. If you’re interested the sites called Tower.com .

      • thanks for your help . I logged on and clicked to buy and the price jumps to 118 I wish that wasn’t the case it would have been a great surprise for him for now the cheapest I could find was 75 and I just cant spend that at the moment.

    • Some of the Dragon Codex books are out of print. It is very sad. The out of print ones are the ones that cost so much because of the demand for them. 😦

      • yea im looking for gold codex the lowest price is 199.00, i have all but that one love them all but maybe ill be lucky and find it at used book store, im not much of a reader cuz my ADD which i have problems keep track of where im at in a book but these books just really pull me in the story

        • Dragon Lover said:

          I say give the book about 2 or 3 weeks then check on it again. The green dragon codex was this way but now suddenly, price has dropped. It can be bought for $22 used.

    • I got a copy for about $10

  19. Jessica Scott said:

    Aw man, I thought this series wasn’t gonna be finished. Now I must buy the last three dragons to have it completed. Glad it was finished, was kinda sad when I couldn’t find the other dragons on the store shelves.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Glad you stopped by the R.D. Henham website. Just to clarify, the last three books of the Dragon Codex series will probably never be written because of changes with the publisher who owns the copyright to the characters and the world.

      What I did was take my ideas for the other three stories and adapt them to a completely new fantasy world with new characters and new dragons etc. The Dragonbound series is totally all my own. I have signed away none of the rights to that world, so I have complete control. The series will go on as long as I can keep coming up with story ideas. The story arc I’m working on right now I’m guessing will be 7 or 8 books, but I could be wrong. That’s just my preliminary outline.

      The difference between the new Dragonbound series and the Dragon Codex series (in addition to being a completely new world with new characters) is that instead of a set of unconnected adventures like the Codex books, the Dragonbound books are all connected and need to be read in order to follow the plot.

      Right now, I’m working on Dragonbound: IV Red Dragon now. It’s a rather intense story. 🙂 I’m also working on a Dragonbound: Dragon Hunter’s Guide. But those books won’t be out for a while.


      Rebecca Shelley

      • Jessica Scott said:

        ah okay, I’m gonna try and buy the first 3 books on my next paycheck then. :3 Can’t wait to own them just wish walmart would carry them.

  20. Victor Garcia said:

    Awesome job guys! Keep writing!

  21. Anonymous said:

    I love the series after Red Dragon Codex! I am currently reading Brass Dragon Codex. Write more codex books!

  22. That petition is awesome! Maybe it will help.

    I do need to mention, however, that as far as I know the books weren’t cancelled because of financial reasons. The last three books were cancelled because there was a reorganization in the company and the company decided to refocus its product line. The Dragon Codex books were only one of several product lines that were discontinued. 😦

    I also have to say that Wizards of the Coast is the totally most awesome company to work for, and I enjoy them and all the wonderful people I got to work with there. 🙂

  23. This is amazing and I have to say I cant wait and I thank you so much for making a new series.I was disappointed with what happened with the dragon Codex’s. I had been keeping an eye out for them when I found out that they were not going to finish the series. I am still holding on to the home that maybe with enough complaining that we can get the last three codex’s


    • Hi Alycia,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I was disappointed as well that the last three Dragon Codex books wouldn’t be published. I hope you enjoy the new series as much as the Codex series.


      Rebecca Shelley

      • I started a website and am hoping to put up some of my short stories and poems. Please feel free to take a look around and comment I would love advice :). I know that I will love the new series. I looooove dragons cant help it. So that new series will have to be a must. Do you think you will ever get to finish the codex’s? I know probably many people have asked you this before but I would love to see them come out someday. Is there anything that the public can do? Or I should say I can do?


        • Nice website. I love the background picture!

          The publisher, Wizards of the Coast/Mirrorstone, owns all the copyright to the Dragon Codex world. That means, none of us assistant scribes can write the last three books without their permission. You could go to the Mirrorstone website and ask them nicely, but I’m not sure how much effect it would have. Maybe if thousands of people clammered for the last three books. Or maybe not, I just tried to get to the Mirrorstone Books website and it seems to have vanished. Strange, must be a temporary glitch.

  24. Any dragon news?


    • Hi Jamie,

      Dragonbound 3: Copper Dragon is now out. At the end of the book it includes a sneak preview of the Dragonbound: Dragon Hunter’s Guide by Kumar Raza.


      The next two books in the works are Dragonbound 4: Red Dragon

      A lone Naga, betrayed by his family and left for dead, has bonded with a Great Red dragon and is out for revenge. Using his Naga powers, he secretly takes control of the Maran government with plans to use the Maran army to crush Varna and reclaim Stonefountain for the Naga race. Kanvar and the other Nagas must choose if they will join him or fight a desperate battle to destroy him.

      And the Dragonbound: Dragon Hunter’s Guide.

      Hope you had a great summer!

      • Oh, I’m excited. My editor is going to let me do this. Just as a special bonus to you and all my favorite friends who stop by this website from time to time. Here is a link and a coupon code to get the ebook (in whichever format you prefer) of Dragonbound 3: Copper Dragon for free.


        Promotional price: $0.00
        Coupon Code: JZ62L
        Expires: September 30, 2013

        To get the discount, you have to put the book into your cart and go to the cart. There will be a box to enter the code, which should set the price to zero. Then you just click buy. After you have “bought” the book for free, it will let you download it in whichever format you want.

  25. I am a big fan of your books I have read all 7 of them and I love all of them. I am wondering when the others will be coming out. Your follower Laban Ford.

    • Hi Laban,

      Thanks for stopping by the website. I’m thrilled that you have enjoyed the Dragon Codex series! As one of R.D. Henham’s assistant scribes, I’m sad to report that the last three books of this series have been cancelled do to a Dragon High Lord attack on the city of Palanthas that left the Great Library in flames. R.D. Henham’s manuscripts for Blue Dragon Codex, White Dragon Codex, and Copper Dragon Codex were destroyed in the fire. It was a horrible tragedy, and we all mourn their loss.

      • I am very sorry to hear that, I hope to see the books soon. I wish you all good luck on the books and your journeys to write them. I hope to hear from you again soon. Best of luck to you. I am wondering what type of dragon attacked the city of Palanthas if I may ask?

        • The Dragon Highlord Kitiara attacked Palanthas with her blue dragons, a flying citadel, and an army of draconians. The Dragonlance Legends trilogy tells the story of this battle in Book 3 Test of the Twins written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

          Of course you might want to read the first three Dragonlance books (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, and Dragons of Spring Dawning) before starting the Legends trilogy. The seven published books of the Dragon Codex series take place after those first three Dragonlance books and just before the Legends trilogy.

          Of course the full 23 books of the Dragonlance: New Adventures happen after Dragons of Spring Dawning and before Red Dragon Codex. Many of the characters in the Dragon Codex series are first introduced in the New Adventures.

          But you don’t need to have read any of the New Adventures to read the Dragon Codex series or the Legends Trilogy. Still, if you’re looking for a lot of fun books to read, there are certainly plenty of them.

  26. I’m a huge fan of your books! It’s kinda a goal of mine to own them all, as I really enjoy reading them, as well as I really enjoy dragons.

    So I have to ask, is the Copper Dragon book out yet?

    • Hi Kari,

      Thanks for stopping by the website. I’m so glad you are enjoying the books. 🙂

      Alas, Dragonbound: Copper Dragon isn’t out yet. I ended up selling my house and moving which sucked up months of my writing time. But I’m back to writing now. Yesterday I wrote the climax of the book and hope to finish it up today and tomorrow. Then of course it has to go to the editors and through the publication process. If everything goes right, it should be available for purchase in a month or two.

  27. Sean McCarthy said:

    So since the white, blue and copper dragon codex were cancelled are your new books in the dragonbound series related to the the dragon codexes at all?

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for stopping by the website. 🙂 The new Dragonbound series is completely new, new world, new characters, and new dragons. I’m hoping you will like them as much as the ones in the Dragon Codex series.

  28. I just found out that the books for the Dragon Codex series was canceled. Very sad to hear that. I have most of the books (except the Green Dragon & the Gold Dragon). I was wondering if your (Rebecca Shelley) series is both digital & hardback form for the Blue Dragon, White Dragon and the Copper Dragon books. I normally don’t buy all the books in a series, until I know my children like them enough to finish reading through the entire series. So any idea what stores will be carring your books, or will scholastics have them since its for younger readers.

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for stopping by the R.D. Henham website. I’m glad you have enjoyed the Dragon Codex books. The Dragonbound books are a completely new series unrelated to the Dragon Codex books, but hopefully your children will enjoy them as well. The Dragonbound books are currently available as ebooks in various formats and as trade paperbacks online at amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. Your local bookstore should be able to order them in as well, if you ask them.

      The publisher, Wonder Realms Books, said they are planning a limited edition hard cover run, but I don’t have a date and haven’t heard anything on that for a while. I wish Scholastic were carrying my books. That would be totally awesome. Alas, they are not at this time.

  29. Question: Are the dragon stones on the dragon’s forehead really stones? Or are they just modified scales?



    • Hi Jamie,

      The dragon stones are precious gems like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Very pretty, very valuable, especially since they can grow rather large as the dragon continues to grow throughout its life. 🙂

  30. Christy and the boys said:

    We still need to get the last books! (Green, White, Blue and maybe Copper. Red and Black!)
    I need to check with my boys.

    • Great! Check with your boys.

      The Dragon Codex Books are as listed above: Red, Bronze, Brass, Green, Silver and Gold.
      The White, Blue, and Copper Codex books were cancelled by the publisher because of the recession.

      I’ve adapted my outlines to a completely new dragon world unaffiliated with Dragonlance, with all new characters, dragons etc.

      Dragonbound: Blue Dragon and Dragonbound 2: White Dragon are out now from Wonder Realms Books. I’m working on writing Dragonbound 3: Copper Dragon. The characters are currently caught in a hurricane and about to crash into the ocean.

      If you’re interested in Dragonboud Blue and White, I can get you coupon codes for a discount on the ebooks.

  31. I just finished your new book!(I know it seems it took me a long time but I had to read another book first.) Any way, if you want me to be totally honest about your book, I COMPLETELY, TOTALLY LIKE IT! In some parts I must say I thought you could use more explaining words. And I hate to say it but I could tell who Kanvar was going to bound with.:( But other wise I love it!!!!!:):):) In your next books I would like to see more Amar and Devaj. Amar was my favorite character….so DON’T kill him!!!!..or Devaj.
    Okay, question: are there Great Black serpents and Great Black Dragons too?

    I am completely into dragons so I know a lot about dragons lore. Nagas are Half-Human Half-Serpent(or dragons.). Some look like people with dragon details like they have horns,or wings, or scales,or just weird colored hair!!! And some are mostly dragons with some human features and so on. And some are like the Nagas you made! Just a bit of info I thought you’d like to know. (I’m not saying you should change your Nagas!:)
    I gotta go! GREAT JOB!


    I would love to hear a Brass Dragon poem. Brass Dragons are my FAVORITE dragon!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Sorry for the slow response. I’m glad you liked Dragonbound: Blue Dragon. I have no intention of killing Amar or Devaj. Both show up at the beginning and end of Dragonbound: White Dragon, including an account of Amar’s life and how he came to fall in love with and marry Kanvar’s mother. We also get a look at the life of Kanvar’s grandfather, Kumar Raza. The main character in Dragonbound: White Dragon is Raza’s youngest son Denali and the baby white dragon he befriends, Frost.

      The Nagas from India legends are awesome. When I was trying to chose what to call the people who bond with dragons in Dragonbound, I wanted to find a word already in use in this world that would most closely relate to the dragonbound people in the book. Naga seemed to be the best fit, even though the nagas in Dragonbound aren’t physically half-serpents.

      About Great Black Dragons vs Great Black Serpents, all the kinds and classes of dragons in the Dragonbound world will be explained in the Dragonbound: Dragon Hunter’s Guide by the Great Dragon Hunter Kumar Raza, which will be coming out sometime next year. We have begun production of the art work, but it will take a while to get the whole guide compiled.


      Rebecca Shelley

  32. Hello! i’m new to this blog but i absolutely LOVE all the R.D. Henham books. i was wondering if anyone is interested in a poem i wrote about brass dragons, and their hatred for blue dragons. i dont want to post it if no one is interested. 🙂 thanks!

    • Rebecca Shelley said:

      I’d love to read it. Sounds like fun.

    • I think brassdragonlover is being shy. She did send me the poem and it is very beautiful. Here it is.

      Tribute to brass dragons.
      By: Molly Ennis

      Come with me lordly beast, through the skies we’ll fly. To find the one in shimmering blue, who electrifies the skies. The burning sting of lightining bright, crackling with a zap! We’ll avenge the one’s that we have lost, and win on their behalf. The brass will be victorious, the blues will crumble down. We’ll look at them in pure disgust, and tackle them to the ground. And even though we’re silly, we’re playing no such games. And in return, the thing’s we’ve learned, will help us win again!!

  33. I am so glad the Dragon Bound books are not romance novels!

  34. Not all the other dragons are serpents right?


  35. Thanks so much for explaining the book! I have two more questions.
    1: Can the great dragons talk normally instead of the telepathic way?
    2: Are there other great dragons in this book besides Gold, Blue, and green?



    • The Great Dragons do not have human-shaped mouths. They can communicate vocally using a wide range of sounds such as roar, whine, growl, snort, laugh etc. Humans can learn to understand the meanings of these sounds, but all communications on a higher intelligence level are done telepathically. In fact, the Great Dragons consider most humans inferior, less intelligent, and almost animalistic because the human’s can’t communicate telepathically like the Great Dragons can.

      One of my favorite characters in Dragonbound: Blue Dragon is Indumali who is a Great Black serpent. Indumali plays an important role in the book. Other Great Dragons mentioned are the ones hunted by Kumar Raza, Kanvar’s grandfather. The book mentions him defeating a Great Red dragon, A Great Silver serpent, and going hunting for a Great White dragon. The Great White dragon, of course, appears in Dragonbound 2: White Dragon. We’ll get to meet the Great Red dragon in book 4 and the Great Copper in book 3. With other books to follow.

  36. Hi! I just got your new book!!!!! But I’m only on chapter 3 because I was confused and needed to ask you a question.
    The book isn’t following the Practical Guide to Dragons.:( Blue Dragons breath lighting not blue flame! I’m confused. Help.

    • Hi Jamie,

      So sorry for the confusion. I try to be clear, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Let me try to explain. As you probably noticed, the special note above says that the new dragon series is set in a completely different world with all new characters not affiliated with Dragonlance at all.

      What this means is, the wonderful publisher (Wizards of the Coast, which I respect and love) of the Dragon Codex books and the Practical Guide to Dragons owns the copyright to the world, the characters, and the dragons in those books. No one can write about them without the publisher’s permission. Sad but true.

      But there are so many of us that love dragons and still want to read stories about them, I decided to start a new dragon series, set in a new world, with new characters, and all new classes of dragons. All of which I own the copyright to and can write as many books as I want.

      In December the third book, Dragonbound: Copper Dragon will come out. And next year, I’m super excited about this, the Dragonbound: Dragon Hunter’s Guide will be coming out. This guide will talk about all the classes of dragons in the Dragonbound world. Here’s a brief highlight for future reference.

      To begin with, the dragons in the Dragonbound world fall into two categories, the Great Dragons, and the Lesser Dragons.

      The Great Dragons have superior intelligence (smarter than humans if you ask them) and the ability to speak telepathically to each other and the Nagas (humans bound to the Great Dragons).

      The Lesser Dragons have animal-like intelligence. The Lesser Dragons are split into two main classes: Wild and Domestic. In the first chapter of Dragonbound: Blue Dragon you see a couple of the domestic Lesser Dragons: itchekins (raised and kept for their eggs and meat) and camdors (used as mounts sort of like horses only faster and more deadly). The kitrats are wild Lesser Dragons, and are more of a nuisance than anything. The jewel dragonflies in chapter 2 are also wild Lesser Dragons.

      Here are some of the attributes of a few of the Great Dragons. All of the Great Dragons have a powerful and valuable “dragonstone” that grows in their forehead. The Great Dragons are generally split into two classifications by their body type. The Great dragons are shaped like the classic western dragons with modifications adapted to their environment. The Great serpents are shaped more like an oriental dragon with modifications adapted to their environment.

      The Great Blue dragons breathe superheated blue fire. They live together in a “pride” where leadership and rank are decided by combat. They are the most warlike of all the dragons since they had to fight for their freedom from slavery long ago. The pride nests in the rugged high mountains, where the skies are cool and clear, but have not always done so. They retreated to the mountains for safety from the human dragon hunters.

      The Great Gold dragons are the most wise and peaceful of all the dragons. Instead of breathing fire, they breathe a sparkling “joy breath” which sort of drugs their opponents into a blissful state of peace. This allows the Great Gold dragons to immobilize their enemies without hurting them. The scales on the Great Gold dragons wrap the sunlight around them and project it back out, so that in direct sunlight the Great Gold dragons are invisible to the human eye as long as they hold still. If they move, a trained dragon hunter will notice the ripple of gold in the rays of the sunlight. The Great Gold dragons are scholars and artists and scientist and live in a peaceful hive-type community within the Golden Palace. While they ruled at Stonefountain they brought the world forward technologically. Great Gold dragons tend to be arrogant though, and because they think they are better than all the other dragons, they believe they are the only ones who can and should bond with the Nagas. By retaining the Naga powers for themselves, they were able to rule the world for a very long time. Eventually they were overthrown by the Great Blue dragons, and the world fell into a disorganized medieval state, and the technology was lost.

      The Great Green dragons live in the dense jungles. Their bodies and wings are especially adapted for climbing and gliding. Where a Great Gold or a Great Blue could not wing its way through thick trees, a Great Green can slither, climb, jump and glide with great speeds in this environment. Instead of a breath weapon, which would be mostly useless in thick trees, the Great Green secrets a paralyzing poison from its body. All it has to do is rub its tail against its prey or an enemy, and the enemy is paralyzed. Then the Great Green will dragon the enemy back to its lair to deal with it. Great Green dragons are solitary even from their own kind.

      There are, of course, many other Great dragons, plus all the Great Serpents, but this post is getting way too long. I’ve been working on the Dragonbound: Dragon Hunter’s Guide for some time now, and can’t wait to see it published, because all love all these really fun types of dragons.

  37. No one has commented in a long time so I thought I should. You’re welcome.
    In your personal opinion, which Dragon Bound book do you like best?


    • LOL. I think everyone has been off on vacation for the summer. But it’s back to school now, isn’t it.

      Of course, I like both Dragonbound books so far equally well. I particularly like the picture of Frost on the cover of Dragonbound: White Dragon, It just melts my heart every time I see it. But I have to say writing Dragonbound: Blue Dragon was a heart-wrenchingly happy experience for me, because I first thought of the characters Dhar and Kanvar way back in 1985 and they’ve been having adventures in my head ever since. It was so nice to finally give them a book and a world of their own. They are like very dear old friends to me, and I was excited to introduce them to all of you.

      • That is so cool that you FINALLY got a book and story about them. I sorta know how you feel because I make up characters all the time and put them in stories! 😉 Thanks for making my day more spacial!!!


  38. When is white dragon codex coming out?

  39. Hi! It’s Jamie!
    Sorry I haven’t been on the site lately either. So don’t feel bad about having a slow response. Because mine are even slower.:) Thanks for the info on your books!

  40. Jamie19 said:

    Question: Are you currently writing the Copper Dragon Bound?
    I STILL have not read any of your books yet!!!:(
    BUT I WILL!:)

    • Hi Jamie,

      Sorry for the slow response. I’ve been out of town, backpacking in the High Uintah Mountains. I figure if I’m going to write fantasy stories, I should get out of the city once in a while and go on a quest or two. LOL.

      I’m currently writing The Elves of Steall Ban, which is the sequel to my YA book The Elves of Lincoln High. When I finish that, I’ll be writing the third book in my spy thriller series. Then I’ll be set to write Copper Dragon. One way or another, Copper Dragon should still come out before the end of 2012 like I posted some time ago.

      Thanks for leaving comments on this site. I love to hear from you.

  41. Jamie19 said:

    In the ad for the Gold Dragon Codex it says the kid’s name is Anders, (in the back of the Silver Dragon Codex.). But in the book his name is Sandon. Must have been part of the ruff draft. 🙂

    • LOL. I was just looking at a manuscript I first started writing over 20 years ago, and I realized I’d changed the names of those characters so many times in so many versions that I could hardly tell which character was which anymore, since I haven’t looked at it for over ten years. It’s going to take me a ton of refiguring before I can send it for publication. Finally settling on main character names takes me a while. But this change from Anders to Sandon isn’t my doing. Ree Soesbee wrote Gold Dragon. I bet she has a great story to tell about that name change. If she doesn’t say anything here, you could ask her about it on her website. http://learsfool.com/ 🙂

  42. Jamie19 said:

    Hi! It’s Jamie.
    I was wondering when your next book will come out.

    YOU ARE AWESOME!(and so are your books.:)


  43. Jamie19 said:

    Oh no! I didn’t know that I now HAVE to have an email address online! I’m not suppose to post it! Can you please change it back so you can comment without your email address? The email address I put in was fake. I hated doing it but I had to ask you to change it because I’m not suppose to have it online! This was the only sight I know online that you don’t have to post email! I so sorry I had to use a fake one!!! Can you PLEASE change it? Or this might be my last comment ever!


  44. Hi Rebecca I’m a huge fan of your work and I love your books but I’m doing a school research paper and I need help I’m doing on you books. Would you mind answering some questions:
    1. Who inspired you to write these books?
    2. What lessons or morals if any are taught in these books?
    3. Have you inspired anyone?
    Thank you for you cooperation.
    My email is jackkattackk125@gmail.com

    • Hi Jackson,

      I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the books. I’m the assistant scribe for Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex. Here are some answers to your questions.

      1. Who inspired you to write these books?

      Sindri Suncatcher, the author of A Practical Guide to Dragons is a huge inspiration for me. The Practical Guide to Dragons made me fall in love with the wonderful dragons on Krynn. I think the red dragons are some of the most amazing and powerful dragons around. And the brass dragons are just too much fun. I love the way they always keep talking, even when you want them to be quiet.

      Another big inspiration is Dan Willis. He is the genius writer who invented the characters of Mudd, Heira, Shemnara, Hector and others that first appeared in Dan’s books Dragon Well and Dragon Knight. I feel very honored to be able to continue their story in Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex.

      And of course the two inspirational people who get all the credit for coming up with the world of Krynn–its dragons, its races, its history, and the first stories set in that world– Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

      2. What lessons or morals if any are taught in these books?

      The theme (lesson) of Red Dragon Codex is to not judge people by how they look or what their race is. It’s what’s inside a person’s heart and how they act that matters, not what color their skin is.

      The theme (lesson) in Brass Dragon Codex is that relationships are more important than things. We need to not be so focused on new technology/toys that we forget to spend time with the people we love.

      3. Have you inspired anyone?

      This one is hard to say. As a writer I sit by myself in a little room and make up stories. Then I send those stories out into the world and hope they make a difference in people’s lives. I seldom hear back if a book inspires someone or not. The most common comment I get is from parents who say that their child really doesn’t like to read, but when they picked up my books, they loved them and suddenly enjoyed reading. It always makes me happy to hear that.

      Tracy Hickman, one of the two authors of the original Dragonlance books tells a story of how he inspired someone. There was a US soldier fighting over in Afghanistan. He was shot in the back and went down. But while he was lying there he saw where the enemy mortar fire was coming from. He asked himself what would Sturm Brightblade (a hero from the original Dragonlance books) do? The memory of how Sturm heroically sacrificed his life to save his men led this soldier to get up, despite the pain in his back, and warn his fellow soldiers about the mortar. This soldier saved 12 men’s lives that day because he was inspired by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis’s writing. I think that is a wonderful story, and I hope my writing can make a difference in people’s lives no matter how small.


      Rebecca Shelley

      • Thank you very much Rebecca for all you do, and i hope that you continue to write these awesome books. Rebmer that everything you as a person and writer do effects the world. Keep writing.
        Yours to follow

  45. Stephen said:

    Ok Rebecca the first dragon bound book blue dragon was amazing when do you plan to hav the others out for sale I bought this one right away

    • Hi Stephen, I’m glad you liked Dragonbound: Blue Dragon. The first draft of Dragonbound: White Dragon is finished, and I’ll be working on subsequent drafts and polishing soon. It should be out as an ebook in a couple months and in print a little bit after that. Hopefully Dragonbound: Copper Dragon will come out at the end of this year, or very beginning of next.

  46. This will sound weird but I have to write a story of my choice and I am going to right about dragons do you have an ideas of how I could start !!!!

    Thanks a lot .

    • Hi Sasha!

      I think you’ll have a great time writing about dragons. I’ll send you an email with a detailed answer to this, and just put the short answer here.

      Here are five simple steps to writing your own story.

      1. Chose a character in a setting.

      2. Give the character a problem he/she has to solve.

      3. Create at least 3 try/fail cycles. Each cycle has three parts.
      First: The character sees the problem.
      Second: The character does something to solve the problem.
      Third: The problem becomes a new worse problem for the character to solve in the next cycle.

      4. Plan a defining moment/climax which is the worst problem of all, forcing the character to make a hard choice that defines the true nature of the character. Then the character acts on that choice.

      5. Resolve the story. The final choice and action of the character solves the problem in a satisfying way for the reader.

      The first thing to do is create an outline with these five steps. Then you can use the outline to guide you as you write the story.

  47. Check out this completely unauthorized and totally unprofessional puppet satire of Red Dragon Codex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AIDZ8EI4cE&feature=youtu.be . ROFL. Not great quality, but I thought it was funny.

  48. Is your new book out in print yet? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!

  49. Hiya. Me again.
    I love writing and I thought maybe you could give me some tips as a real writer. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks!;)

  50. Kevin Feng said:

    Hey I was wondering if there is a copper dragon codex

    • There isn’t, trust me, I would know. But if you don’t believe just a fan, let Rebecca Shelley tell you. And believe me, she has better news then anyone else.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Great to have you stop by the website. I really love to hear from readers!

      Unfortunately there is no Copper Dragon Codex book. We have not heard anything from R.D. Henham since the Great Library of Palanthas was attacked by the blue dragon army and all of Sindri’s notes about the dragons burned. In our own world, the publisher decided not to publish the last three books of the series. Doubtless they were as heartbroken about the events on Krynn as we assistant scribes were.

      On the brighter side, I have just launched a brand new dragon series set in an all new world with all new characters and dragons. Dragonbound: Blue Dragon is now available in print and ebook.

      I’m currently writing the second book in the series, Dragonbound: White Dragon. The third book will be Dragonbound: Copper Dragon.

      Here’s a special sneak peek inside Dragonbound: White dragon. This is totally a first draft. I haven’t even run the spell checker yet, so please ignore any errors.

      Denali gripped the spear while the dogs ran over the glacier’s rough ice. Snow from the recent storm had filled in most of the cracks, making the sled’s passage possible. Ahead a giant snow drift barred the way, promising a difficult slog up over it. Denali gritted his teeth and looked behind him. The wolves had fallen silent again.

      “I don’t like it,” Denali told Frost.

      Frost burbled in reply.

      “Too bad I can’t understand what you’re saying.” Denali could feel the dragon’s emotions, but she didn’t talk to him the way a human would. His father lay unconscious on the sled. His face pale, his head swollen.

      The dogs reached the steep slope of the drift and slowed as they punched through the soft snow up to their chests. Denali jumped from the back of the sled and ran behind, pushing it to help the dogs. He was down to four dogs, and his father wasn’t a small man. Panting, the dogs stopped halfway up to catch their breath. Denali leaned against the handbar. His muscles burned from the exertion. His stomach grumbled, complaining that he’d fed everyone but himself.

      A tuft of snow puffed up at the top of the drift, caught on the wind, and was swept away.

      Denali stiffened and looked up. Another puff of snow kicked up, and then a dozen wolves topped the rise and lunged down toward him.

      ” Hike,” Denali screamed. ” Gee.” He pushed the sled into motion and jumped on the runners as the startled dogs bolted to the right, tearing the sled across the edge of the drift and then back down onto flat ground, heading inland toward the steaming mountain. The terrified dogs ran flat out, but the giant wolves kept pace a few yards off to his left with long easy strides.

      Denali gripped the handbar with his left hand and lifted the spear, readying for an attack. But the main body of wolves stayed parallel with him except three of them which fell back and came up at his rear.

      “Gee,” Denali cried again, urging the dogs further to the right, trying to set the sled on course for the white dragons’ cave. It was a long way, but he had to do something. “Father, wake up!” he shouted.

      Kumar did not respond.

      Off to Denali’s right movements on the ice caught his attention. The wolves he’d encountered before sped toward him, blocking any escape to the east.

      Denali’s pounding heart sounded louder than the pad of the dogs’ feet on the ice and the creak of the lead lines straining to pull the sled. A cold wind sliced his cheeks. Gradually the two sets of wolves drew closer, pinning him between them, forcing the dogs on a path straight ahead.

      A hundred fears tumbled through Denali’s mind. He was trapped. He knew it. The wolves knew it. They were playing with him. Letting him run, knowing he would not escape. The snow wolves would hunt a giant ice bear this way, and Denali was no threat compared to that.

      “They’re going to eat us, Frost,” Denali said. “I’ll be lucky to kill one of them before they do.” He counted almost twenty.

      Frost reared up on her hind legs, spread her wings, and hissed. The sled jolted. She lost her balanced and thumped back down beside Kumar.

      Denali let out a grim chuckle. “Yes, you are ferocious little girl. I’m sure that will scare them all away.”

      Frost lowered her head and whined.

      The dogs slowed, winded from their fast sprint and the weight of the sled. The wolves slowed as well, matching their pace with Denali’s and pressing close enough to the sled that Denali could see their golden eyes and syliva dripping from their open jaws. He shivered with fear. The wolf pack was ten times scarier than the Great White dragon had been. But then Denali had not had time to be truly frightened of the dragon. The battle with it had happened so fast. The wolves were in no hurry. They enjoyed running their prey to a standstill.

      One of the wolves behind Denali lunged forward and snapped at his legs.

      Denali swung the haft of the spear and hit the wolf in the face.

      It snarled and fell back.

      “Hike,” Denali shouted at the dogs. They made a halfhearted attempt to redouble their speed, but soon fell back to a trot. Foam frothed at the edges of their mouth from the effort, and they rolled their eyes in terror, looking from the wovles on one side of them, to the wolves closing in on the other. The ground rose into a slope, slowing the dogs even more.

      “Father!” Denali tried to shake Kumar awake. While he bent over to do it, the wolf behind him snapped at his legs again. Its sharp teeth tore through his thick sealskin pants and grazed his calves.

      Denali screamed and hit at the wolf again. This time it dodged his blow.
      Frost hissed and blew a puff of cold air into Kumar’s face, then licked his cheeks. Kumar opened bleary eyes and stared up at Denali.

      “The wolves,” Denali shouted. “They’re upon us.”

      Kumar pulled himself up to a sit and gazed groggily around. His eyes widened, and the hand holding the hunting knife jerked up into a defensive position. “What are they waiting for?” he muttered.

      The sled topped a rise and then slewed down into a narrow valley between two arms of the mountain. A sheer cliff of ice blocked their path straight ahead. Denali stared up at it in horror. The wolves had run him straight into a trap, pinning him against the cliff face.

      The dogs stopped and turned to face the closing circle of wolves. The sled slid down beside them and bumped up against the cliff. Denali jumped off, put his back to the ice, and readied the spear. The wolves stalked forward. Denali’s head barely reached to their shoulders.

      Kumar forced himself up to stand beside Denali. The dogs whimpered and cowered back against the cliff. Kumar cut their lines so they could run, though Denali doubted any of them would escape the hungry wolves.

      Frost jumped from the sled and rubbed against Denali’s leg as the wolves inched closer, growling and snapping.

      “Get behind me,” Denali told Frost. “Stay out of the way.” He hoped the wolves would leave the baby dragon alone. If they were smart, they’d know she would only turn to ice in their mouths if they killed her. Great White dragons, even baby ones, were not edible prey.

      Frost stayed right beside Denali, hissing and spreading her wings the way her father had when he confronted Kumar. Though Denali figured the little dragon would be little help against the wolves, he suddenly felt better having her beside him, like she was trying to reassure him that everything would be all right.

      “I don’t think so, Frost” Denali said.

      “Is that dragon talking to you?” Kumar asked. The closest wolf lunged at him, snapping at his arm. Kumar twisted his knife hand out of the way at the last moment and sliced the wolf across the eyes. It howled and fell back.

      “What can it hurt? We’re going to die anyway,” Denali said. Two wolves lunged at him.

  51. Hi, Sasha again

    Why would the dragon stone be so valuable or important to the dragon hunters

    • One website says a 4 carat diamond would cost about $43,261.00

      A 4 carat diamond is 10.2 mm. That’s just over half an inch.

      The diamond dragonstone in Dragonbound: White Dragon is 6 inches long (approximately 150 mm).

      Divide 150 by 10.2 and the dragonstone is approximately $43, 261.00 x 15 = $648,915.00. That’s over half a million dollars. And that’s a small stone compared to the Great Blue dragonstone Kanvar gets his hands on in Dragonbound: Blue Dragon.

      Many humans don’t appreciate the natural beauty of the dragonstones or the fact that the dragonstones allow the dragons to talk with one another. Humans just see a great big fat gemstone, bigger than is ever found from jewel mines. I mean, normal diamonds, sapphires, and rubies just don’t grow anywhere near as big as dragonstones. That makes the dragonstones worth tons of money.

      Personally, I’d rather see a living, glowing, dragonstone on a dragon’s forehead than an empty dead one on my mantle.

    • I probably most resemble a silver dragon. It seems to fit my personality best.

  52. Hi
    Um…… I am on chapter 12 In the red dragon codex. And I was wondering how to find age in kender years.
    What is your favorite codex book and why.

    • Hi Sasha. Good to see you again!

      Age in Kender years . . . well. Actually I couldn’t find anything in the original Dragon Lance Adventure Manual (published 1987) that implies kender age any differently than humans. It seems to have only two mentions about kender age.

      “Kender have been called wizened because of the fine network of lines that appears on their faces about age 40.”

      “Most kender are encountered during wanderlust, a particular phase in a kender’s life that occurs for most kender during their early 20s.”

      Other books might have more info, but I don’t have my hands on those. The funny thing about kender is that they tend to look and act like children no matter what age they are.

      “Kender are small enough to resemble human children, though they are more heavily muscled. . . . Kender are distinctive for their pointed ears that give them a faintly elven look. They are bright-eyed, and their facial expressions are quite intense. No one seems to look as happy as a joyful kender or as miserable as a crying one.”

      Many races consider kender a nuisance. They touch everything. They have no sense of personal belongings (as in no understanding of “that shiny dagger is mine not yours, why do you have it in your pocket you bratty little kender?” “Oh, this dagger? It must have just fallen in there.”). They aren’t afraid of anything, and find facing off with an angry owlbear the best kind of fun. So if you are adventuring with a kender, be prepared to get into some really sticky situations.

      • Thanks,

        Do you know what dragon you most resemble, I am still trying to figure mine out

    • >What is your favorite codex book and why.<

      I totally can't pick a favorite. I love them all too much. 😀

  53. Question for anyone who will answer, what do you think is the coolest breath weapon?
    Acid is mine.

    • My all-time favorite is the Dragonbound Great Gold dragons’ joy breath. It’s sparkly gold, and when it hits someone, that person or dragon goes into a state of complete bliss for a good ten minutes. Since the gold dragons are artists and scholars rather than fighters, the joy breath allows them to escape from an enemy without having to hurt anyone. I’m also pretty fond of the gold dragons’ ability to bend light waves around themselves so they are nearly invisible in direct sunlight. They need these types of natural defenses against the much more violent dragons like the Great Blues.

    • Hi! I love your name!
      My favorite breath weapon is fire!

  54. Nicole Hong said:

    Hey Rebecca! First of all, thank you so much for helping R.D. Henham in writing all of those wonderful books. I just finished Gold Dragon Codex and was wondering, what was R.D. Henham’s inspiration before he wrote the book ‘Gold Dragon Codex’? Oh! and…is it possible that all of his assistant could join forces again and continue the codices? Why did you guys decided to stop at the 7th anyway, instead of the 10th? hehe thanks!

    • Hi Nicole, Thanks for stopping by the website! I saw your post on Facebook but was letting Ree Soesbee have a chance to answer it. She’s the mastermind behind the Gold Dragon Codex. A brilliant writer. I love all her books. Here’s a link to her website where you can contact her directly and see some of the other wonderful books she’s written. http://www.learsfool.com/novels.html

      Since I’m the author of Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex, I’ll try to answer your other questions. It was the publisher’s decision to stop at the 7th book. I have to say I love and admire everyone I worked with at Mirrorstone Books and think it is a great publisher. And the publisher owns the copyright to every part of the world of Krynn. The authors cannot write the other books without a contract from the publisher. However, if you click the links to the authors’ websites listed above, you will find that many have written other fun books to read that you might be interested in.

      Personally, I have started a new dragon series, set in a completely new world, with new dragons and characters. The first book, Dragonbound: Blue Dragon, is now available in print and as an ebook. In fact, I noticed Amazon has the ebook on sale for 28% off here

      And Barnes&Noble.com has the print book for 28% off here
      But B&N doesn’t have the picture of the cover up yet for some unknown reason.

      • Nicole Hong said:

        Wow!! Thank you so much for answering ^^ I just bought Brass Golden Codex yesterday, after school 😀 and I’m in chapter seventeen now.. hope my mum will let me buy your next book as soon as I’m done with this one. Thank you ssooo muchh!! 😀 😀

  55. Love your books can’t wait for your new ones.

  56. Stephen Roberts said:

    So you said there will be a few book’s about the other chromatic and metallic dragon series like the blue white copper and any others I missed but there will be books about them right

    • Hi Stephen,

      Mirrorstone books won’t be releasing any more of the Dragon Codex series besides those listed above on this page. I have written a new dragon series, set in a completely different world, with different characters, published by a different publisher. Dragonbound: Blue Dragon is the first book in the series and is now available as an ebook. http://www.amazon.com/Dragonbound-Blue-Dragon-ebook/dp/B007CMFRWA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332258365&sr=8-1

      The print edition is in production. Which is to say, the editor has gone through it and given it back to me for fixes. I’ve fixed everything and given it back to the editor. It’s gone to the copyeditor and been given back to me as galleys. I’ve gone through the galleys and given it back to the editor. I’m hoping to see an advanced reader copy in about 3 weeks.

      Probably next week I’ll start writing Dragonbound: White Dragon. The outline for it is almost complete. With any luck, White Dragon will come out before the end of the year. Then I’ll be working on Dragonbound: Copper Dragon. Here’s the back cover blurb for the books, so you’ll know what they’re about.

      Life started at Stonefountain.

      Near the bubbling fountain of power, the humans and dragons grew up together. Bound by blood, the two races became great and powerful. But with power came division. For not all were bound, and those with the power brought on by the bonding abused that power, subjecting all powerless ones to servitude.

      In time the servants rebelled against their masters. Their violent uprising left almost all the bonded dragons and humans dead. From that day on the races separated, fleeing from Stonefountain and claiming their own lands. Distrust and war grew up between humans and dragons. The humans, fearing the power of the dragon bond, killed all those born to bond with the dragons. But some survived.

      Dragonbound: Blue Dragon
      When Kanvar’s brother comes down with the dragon sickness, his mother learns that her husband and both her sons are Nagas, human traitors that bond with the Great Gold dragons. All three must die. Kanvar’s father is shot in the back and falls from a high window with Kanvar’s brother, leaving Kanvar to escape execution, survive on his own, and face the wrath of a Great Blue dragon whose family has been killed by the humans.

      Dragonbound: White Dragon
      While Kanvar searches for his grandfather, Kumar Raza faces a savage Great White dragon that attacks his village. With no armor and only a fishing spear, Raza kills the white dragon but is mortally wounded in the battle. Raza’s youngest son, Denali, must find a way to save his father and bring him safely out of the frozen wasteland. Lost in a blizzard, hunted by a pack of wolves, followed by the orphaned white dragon hatchling, Denali must use all his wit and skill to survive.

      Dragonbound: Copper Dragon
      Raahi sees a vision of his homeland’s most sacred burial grounds desecrated by the conquering Maranies. He and Kanvar head to Darvat to stop the destruction, but come up against a powerful mining corporation, General Samdrasen, and the entire Maran army. They’ll need the help of a Great Copper dragon to succeed.

      • Wow can’t wait that’s so awesome. Please give info. when the release dates will be. Oh and will it still be R.D. Henham yes, or no?

        • Hi Lee,

          The Dragonbound books will be Rebecca Shelley not R.D. Henham. I don’t have firm dates for White Dragon and Copper Dragon yet, though I think White Dragon will be out by the end of the year and Copper Dragon the beginning of next year. Sooner if I can write faster.

          I got the advanced reader copy of Blue Dragon yesterday. Very excited. It should be out by mid April. The ebook, as mentioned above, is already out on all the major platforms and ebook stores.

          Thanks for stopping by the site.

  57. Stephen roberts said:

    Honoured scibe Of palanthas hurry on your new books I am 15 years old in kender years and can only reread your books so many times I love them. It’s like your transporting the reader to the wonderful world of dragons so is the story’s of hector and Mudd over

    • Hi Stephen,

      LOL. I think we should all count our age by kender years. That would make me . . . hmm . . . oh never mind. 🙂

      Unfortunately we have not heard from Henham since the Great Library of Palanthas was attacked by the dragon armies. But I’m sure the continued stories of Hector and Mudd will live on in our own imaginations.

      However, if you haven’t read the Dragonlance: The New Adventures series, you’re missing out on some great tales about Hector and Mudd, which happened before the Dragon Codex books.

      Mudd first shows up in Book 3, The Dragon Well.

      And Mudd and Hector have a terrific adventure together in Book 7, Dragon Knight.

      Both books are written by Dan Willis who is a brilliant author and the man responsible for the creation of both Hector and Mudd.

      • Overlander said:

        I HAVE JUST FINISHED YOUR NEW BOOK AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!! How do you come up with these ideas? Thank you for giving me a copy!! Wait, I have to ask, (alert spoiler ahead read no further!) If aheddiham is blind and lost his mate and children, will he still be able to mate again? or does he need his bound human? Also, will khan everget his body fixed, and what is a dragon stone?

        • I’m so glad you liked the book. My ideas come from life. The longer I live, the more I experience, the more ideas I have.

          Though Dharanidhar is blind, he could choose another mate if he fell in love. That part of his life has nothing to do with his human.

          Kanvar’s body will not get fixed. I think that’s really the heart of this story. We all have different disabilities. Some people have physical disabilities like Kanvar and Dharanidhar. Some people have disabilities that no one can see, be they mental, physical, emotional, or social. But we can meet these challenges head on like Kanvar does and, especially by working with other people, we can overcome them.

          • Oh wait, I forgot to explain what a Dragon Stone is. The Dragon Stone is the large crystal that grows on a dragon’s forehead. Some scholars believe it is the magic of the stone that gives the dragons the ability to speak with each other telepathically, and that magic power is somehow tied to Stonefountain. Only the Great Dragons have dragonstones. Lesser dragons do not have the superior intellect and the power of mental speech that the Great Dragons have. Dragonstones are extremely valuable, since it’s taken for granted a dragon hunter would have to kill a Great Dragon to get its stone.

  58. LOL! I was reading the Practical guide to Dragon Magic and Sindri said that it would be funny if he wrote a Practical guide to HUMANS! That would be so funny! He should do a practical guide to humanoids, then Kender would be in it to! And dwarfs, ogres, giants, etc.

    Cool books!

  59. Yo. What kind of dragon is going to be the next book? White? Copper? You said Blue was the first of your new books.


    • The new Dragonbound series will start in this order. Blue Dragon, then White Dragon, then Copper Dragon. With more to come after that, but I’m not sure on the order of the other ones yet.

  60. What month is your book coming out in print? And what book stores?


    • Hi Jamie,

      I don’t have an exact date yet, but I’m hoping it will be out by mid-April. It will be available online through Amazon and B&N. In addition, it will be in the distributors catalogue, so your local bookstore could order it for you if you ask them. I think the fastest and easiest way to get it will be from Amazon.

  61. Hi it’s me Sasha
    I was wondering why kirak can’t leave redclaws cave?

    • I Sasha,

      Kirak has been captured by Redclaw and put under her magic compulsion. Dragons have the ability to control your mind if you look them directly in the eyes. Redclaw is forcing him to help her in her scheme to destroy the silver dragon.

      In addition to the compulsion, Redclaw has told Kirak (warning spoilers, Anyone who hasn’t read all of Red Dragon Codex should not read any further in this post) that the only way he can become a true silver dragon is by killing the other silver dragon. Draconians have the ability to take the shape of something they’ve killed.

      Initially, Kirak agrees to Redclaw’s plans because he wants to become a silver dragon so badly. Later, he tries to go against Redclaw, that’s when she puts the compulsion on him. He is controlled by the compulsion until Drakecutter attacks Redclaw, distracting Redclaw so she could no longer control Kirak.

  62. Dear Rebecca, I just finished the gold dragon codex a couple minutes ago. I loved it so much and I just could’t put it down. When I did finish I wish it never had ended. Also I can’t wait to start dragonbound!

    sincerely, Parker

    • Overlander said:

      I wish I could afford the dragon bound series, but I can not, unfortinutly, because I canot afford it. And i agree with peter, it is awesome. Also, are you going to bring any of the other old characters back that would be awesome. It nice to talk to you again.

      • LOL. I wish I could afford to buy all the books I want too. So many books. So little money. But after the book comes out in print, you could ask your local library to buy it, and then you could read it without costing you anything.

    • Hi Parker, I’m so glad you liked Gold Dragon Codex. That is one of my favorites too. It would be great if you would click on the link above for assistant scribe Ree Soesbee. That will take you to her site and you could let her know how very much you loved her book. Oh, I’ll put the link here too in case you can’t find it above.

  63. Hi Rebbeca, it is nice to meet you! Thanks for telling me the news. I am excited to read the new series that you told me about. Also where is R.D. Henham right now? Is he writing another book? If he is can you tell me what it is called

    • Hi again, parker. We haven’t heard from R.D. Henham in several years. Here’s the last communication we got from our beloved scribe.

      “Unfortunately events have made writing those last three books impossible at this time. The Blue Lady, one of the most powerful and ruthless Dragon Highlords, is attacking Palanthas with her dragons, draconians, and a terrifying flying citadel. Battle rages in the streets. The Temple of Paladine is burning. Even as I write, my fellow scribes are mounting a defense of the library. The section which houses my office is already in flames. I fear many of Sindri’s notes are lost. When this is over, if I survive, I will try to recover as much of Sindri’s research as I can. We may have to accept, however, that the final three books might never get written.”

      Naturally we found these events highly alarming. Since this last message, we’ve heard no word. In my heart, I feel that R.D. Henham is still alive, but the battle with the Blue Lady must have destroyed the magic that allowed Henham to communicate from Krynn to our own world. It is a sad loss, but we assistant scribes have tried to carry on without our beloved Henham.

  64. Dear Rebecca, Hi my name is Parker. I totally love the Dragon codices. They are my favorite books that I’ve ever read. When are the Blu and copper dragon codices going to come out. If not are there other books. I am a HUGE fan. Please reply.

    Sincerely, Parker

  65. Hi R.D. Henham. I love your books Red, Bronze, and Black dragon codex. These are the three I have read. You are the best author in the world. I`m in forth grade reading your books in my spare time. I have just finish bronze dragon codex. I`m starting Black Dragon codex. I love how Red dragon head gets her head cut off. I love how Simle and Tateyn become friends. I am your biggest fan in the world!

    • Hi Michael,

      Great to hear from you. I’m so glad you like the Dragon Codex books. I love the fate of the evil red dragon as well. Have fun reading Black Dragon Codex!

  66. My son was extremely dissappointed to hear that the Codex books were discontinued however he loves the idea of the new series, I picked up the Blue Dragon already in PDF for him to read on the computer. I can remember when I was 10 and loved reading Dragon, wizard and other mythological books, please keep it up, it really keeps my son interested in reading. When I was his age there weren’t that many books available to keep me interested so I stopped reading, however he always gets new books and reserves them online mainly from the library.

    Keep up the good work, I read some of the Dragon lance series and I loved them, something about him following in his fathers footsteps.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for stopping by the website. I’m glad your son enjoyed the Dragon Codex series. Hopefully he’ll have fun reading Dragonbound: Blue Dragon as well. I loved reading about dragons and wizards and such when I was young too. I guess I never outgrew it. 😀

      Have a great day!

  67. Hi all, Dragonbound: Blue Dragon is now available as an ebook in the following locations. At the bottom of this post is the coupon code to purchase it for half off.



    Other file formats and place to purchase for half off with the coupon code

    Here’s the 50% coupon code I promised to post. Hope you all enjoy the book.

    Coupon Code: EY86L
    Expires: 03-31-2012

    • Overlander said:

      Hi its Overlander again, And I have an Idea about a book you write, where all the main characters are drawn into a conflicked where all there enemies are coming back, and they need to work together to stop them. What do you think?

      • Sounds like a terrific idea. Since it’s your idea, you should write it. It will come out better that way. Writing is fun and makes you feel good about yourself. You can do it! 😀

  68. Overlander said:

    I have also read the entire series. They are way cool. Also, are you going tio right another book? I hope so. Also, do you like fares and stuff, I think you should make a series that has to do with 9 gems and mirrors, which would be awesome

    • Hi Overlander,

      Thanks for stopping by this website. The first book in my new dragon series (not affiliated with Dragonlance in any way) is called Dragonbound: Blue Dragon, and it is coming out as an ebook in the next couple of days. The print edition will be out later this year.

  69. Overlander said:

    hi, I just love your series, are you going to make a book on the war with takisis and them? I would really love to know what happened

  70. I just read a part of the new Dragon Bound book on your blog and I L-O-V-E-D IT!!!!!!!! Now you have me SUPER freaked-out about it!!!!!!! I can not wait one more second for it to come out!(Oh wait. I just did!) Please don’t stop now! I want to know if he makes it to the docks!
    Man, I need to calm down. Anyway, keep up with the GREAT writing! Because you just made my day! Thanks for the GREAT reads!;)

    Jamie 🙂

    • LOL. I’m so glad you like it! I’m super excited about it to. It’s being prereleased as an ebook and should be available on Amazon and B&N by this coming Monday or Tuesday. Then the print version will come out in a couple of months.

      Stop by this site again on Monday. I plan on putting up a coupon code here to get Dragonbound: Blue Dragon in whichever ebook format you like for 50% off.

  71. In the Practical guide to Dragons,(Which is my favorite book ever!) it says that the White dragons height is 16 ft and the Green’s is 10 feet. But the books says the White is the smallest.
    Is the white 10 and the green 16? I really want to know.


    • Hi Jamie,

      I’ve double-checked the Monster Manual and it confirms that the white dragons are the smallest. Sindri must have just got his numbers mixed up. I think white should be 10 and green 16.

  72. should you read the practical guide to dragons before you read the books?

  73. Hi again! Do brass dragon have any other favortie food besides dew drops?

    Thanks !


  74. I saw some other people put up dragon names here are some.

    – Polaris
    – Enzo
    – Jezeno
    – Bondu
    – Kagan

    What do you think of these?

    • Hi Raven,

      Those are pretty names. I’ve added them to my dragon names list. I keep a list of possible names, and then when a dragon character comes along, I look through the list to see what might fit the character. The dragons in Dragonbound: Blue Dragon are already named, but I’m starting work on White Dragon and Copper Dragon soon.

  75. Dragon lover said:

    Jamie, why do you think the green dragon codex is found in a dragons chest

    Dragon lover

  76. In your new series could you name one of the dragons Taz.

  77. Do you have a favorite dragon? I don’t. Because they are all to cool to choose from.


    • I’m very fond of Kyani in Brass Dragon Codex. He was one of the funnest dragon characters to write about, though I cried the whole time I wrote the prologue for that book. Everyone laughs when they read that scene, but I knew how it was going to end, and it made me sad.

      In my new series (coming soon) I really like the Great Blue dragon, Dharanidhar, and the Great Black dragon, Indumauli. Of course Dharanidhar and Indumauli hate each other, but they were both interesting dragons to write about.

  78. I have not read these books yet, so I was wondering what book I should read first?

    • Hi Sasha, The books can be read in any order, though I’d suggest reading Red Dragon Codex before Brass Dragon Codex since those two are linked chronologically with Red Dragon Codex first.

  79. Hey, Jamie again. I was wondering if you came up with a new name for your seris.
    If not you should ask the fans if they have good ideas!

    Dragons forever!


    • Hi Jamie. Glad to see you on the site again. We haven’t come up with any other names for the series. Seems every dragony kind of name I like is already trademarked. Dragonbound doesn’s seem to be trademarked though, so might just be sticking with that and hoping people don’t get too confused.

  80. Hey. Sorry about that hole romance novel thing.
    I’ve just been a ticked off about the hole Codex seris being canceled. I looked up Dragon Bound but those other romance books came up. Sorry. I’ll check out your books.
    The way YOU talk about them I’ll really want to check these out!
    Thanks again!!!

  81. Elizabeth said:

    What about blue dragon codex?

  82. Anonymous said:

    Please tell me these Dragon Bound books aren’t romance novels. I hate romance novels. If your giving up a awesome series to write romance novels, at least tell me. Because that was my favorite book series ever.

    • I can totally absolutely tell you my dragonbound series books are NOT! romance novels. They have a young male protagonist, dragons, battles, lots of page-turning adventure. When that title was chosen for the series, we did not know there was a Dragon Bound romance series coming out from Berkley.

      >Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races) [Paperback]
      Thea Harrison<

      That is definitely not my new series. I'm going to have to ask Wonder Realms Books to reconsider the series title. Blah. Sorry about the confusion.

  83. Hi Clara,

    It’s so great to hear from you! Thanks for coming by the website. I’m very glad you’re enjoying the series. Hope you can get your hands on Brass Dragon, the baby brass dragon in it is so funny. I’m going to be writing the first draft of the Dragonbound: White Dragon book starting this month. Very much looking forward to it.

  84. I love all the books so far that I have read. The only book I don’t have is brass dragon codex. The codex dragon series is my favorite series out of all the books I have and I cannot wait until your new series dragon bound comes out. When I heard of the white dragon I was curious and excited. My favorite out of the codex books would probably be red or black. When I read the codex books I fell I am actually there

  85. Hi Sonja,

    Thanks for stopping by the R.D. Henham website. I love to hear from teachers. That’s so great that your student wrote a letter. The letter can be sent to

    R. D. Henham
    C/O Mirrorstone Books
    1600 Lind Ave. SW, Ste 400
    Renton, WA 98055

  86. Hello,

    What is the address where a letter could be sent to R.D. Henham. A student of mine wrote a letter about a book he read.
    Thank you!

    Sonja Lamppa
    Reading Teacher

    • Dear Sonja,

      Depending on which book the student read, the letter could be addressed to Rebecca Shelly (Red and Brass), Amie Rotruck (Bronze), Ree Soesbee (Black, Silver), or Clint Johnson (Green). If you let us know which book the student read we can direct you to the appropriate address. Thanks!

      –Amie Rotruck

  87. Pyrovalca29 said:

    I have long been a fan of tales of dragons, knights, and magic. These stories filled my dreams as a child, and carried me all the way to where I am now; and the stories even now still fill my head(and my extensive library). I am both a writer and avid reader of this relm of fantasy. I say all that to say this, of all the stories and lore I’ve read/ heard, there is no question in my mind that Your dragon codex series is my absolute favorite of them all. I own all of them and am rather looking forward to your next set of tales (which you can rest assured I will be waiting in line for on debut day).

    • Hi Pyrovalca,

      Wow. That makes my day. 😀 I’m so glad you like the books. I’ll be sure to let you know when the Dragonbound books come out. Thanks for stopping by the website. I’m very happy to hear from you.

  88. Hi Julia,

    The Blue, White, and Copper dragons will not appear in this series. I have started a new dragon series. The first book in that series will be Dragonbound: Blue Dragon, to be followed by White Dragon, and Copper Dragon. Look for them mid 2012.

  89. Are there going to be any other books in the series, like a blue or white? These were wonderful and i just love them all!

  90. Anonymous said:

    please tell me if Kirak/Sterling is in other books because he is my favorite out of everybody in red dragon codex and i dont like how he ended up a dragon

    • I love Kirak as well and wanted him to show up for several more adventures. Alas, R.D. Henham had other plans. Each Codex book has a different set of characters on an adventure with a different color of dragon. I think the other books are still fun to read anyway.

  91. Rebecca Shelley i love your books they are so interesting i like dragons too i wonder if i would ever see a dragon

  92. Great series! My favorite one has to be the Gold Dragon Codex. When I discovered Kine’s secret (Don’t want to spoil) I nearly leapt out of my classroom desk in joy. Beautiful series, if you ahve any other writings I would love to read them.

  93. i have been a long time fan of your series since i’ve been catching up to the books as i’ve read a lot of them but mostly i try to stick with dragon books as i am a childrens fantasy writer i’ve not had anything published before because a lot of my stories involves furries and scalies.i like to say the old books was well written and very detailed i loved reading them a lot what other dragon book series might you write because i am kinda looking for things that interest me on your series

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for stopping by the website. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the series. I am working on a new dragon series right now. The series is called Dragonbound. The first will be Blue Dragon. Here’s a little teaser about the Dragonbound world.

      Life started at Stonefountain. Near the bubbling fountain of power, the humans and dragons grew up together. Bound by blood, the two races became great and powerful. But with power came division. For not all were bound, and those with the power brought on by the bonding abused that power, subjecting all powerless ones to servitude. In time the servants rebelled against their masters. Their violent uprising left almost all the bonded dragons and humans dead. From that day on the races separated, fleeing from Stonefountain and claiming their own lands. Distrust and war grew up between humans and dragons. The humans, fearing the power of the dragon bond, killed all those born to bond with the dragons. But some survived.

      The second book will be White Dragon. The Third, Copper Dragon. With other books to follow. Blue Dragon is slated to come out mid-2012. I’m also working on a Dragon Bound: Dragon Guide. Which will be an illustrated field guide to the dragons in the world. It’s been a fun project. I’ll post here with updates every onece in a while.

  94. Anonymous said:


    What is the series going to be called?

    • The series name hasn’t been decided yet. I’ll post it here as soon as I know. 🙂

      • i guess the dates of release of the earlier books are false?
        sorry i am new to the series.

        • Hi J.m,

          Thanks for stopping by the R.D. Henham website. All 7 of the Dragon Codex books listed above on this website are already published and available. Some people were disappointed that the last three books, the ones for the White, Blue, and Copper dragons didn’t get printed.

          For that reason I’m writing a new series that is tentatively called Dragonbound. In the new Dragonbound series the first three books will be Blue Dragon, White Dragon, and Copper Dragon.

    • Yo, sorry I didn’t write back quickly.
      It’s just I don’t have wi fi and I have to go to the library to go to his site. But I love questions.


  95. Anonymous said:

    I also mean’t to say this is one of the best series I have ever read it is as good if not better than Alex rider and cherub (my other 2 fav series) good job and thanks for some great reads!

  96. Anonymous said:

    It is sad to hear that the last 3 books will never get published ( due to copyright as said before) but I will try to imagine the last 3 books myself


    • Assistant scribe Rebecca Shelley is in the process of writing a new dragon series set in a completely different word, with all new characters. Not affiliated with Dragonlance at all. The first three books in the series will be Blue Dragon, White Dragon, and Copper Dragon. Look for Blue Dragon to come out from Wonder Realms Books early 2012.

  97. Dear Mr.Henham,
    please write the Copper/White/Blue Dragon Codex books! I’ll do almost anything for you if
    you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear CMac,

      Scribe Henham has been unheard from since the dragon armies attacked the Great Library in Palanthas. I fear the worst for our esteemed scribe. 😦

  98. Oh, I guess I should mention that I have a few other fantasy books for young readers out now. Only one of them has dragons, but they all have magic and battle etc.

    Black Dragon http://www.amazon.com/Black-Dragon-ebook/dp/B004LLIJHK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1310609384&sr=1-1

    Mist Warriors http://www.amazon.com/Mist-Warriors-ebook/dp/B004SP11X8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1310609421&sr=1-1

    Firebird http://www.amazon.com/Firebird-ebook/dp/B005CARXAS/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1310609576&sr=1-1

    Feel free to contact me via email rebeccashelley at rebeccashelley.com for discounted copies of the books if any look interesting toyou.

  99. R.S. Boyette said:

    Thank you for the insight. I suppose I will just have to enjoy the 7 that made it into publication then. I hope to see you revisit the dragon genre in the future as you mentioned. It is a pretty common occurrence to see dragons broken into different breeds by color as I’m sure you already know…..so maybe we will get to see some of your ideas brought forth after all (fingers crossed) It is just regrettable that it was my two favorites (Blue & White) that were never touched upon 😦

  100. Wow, I’m humbled to have the Dragon Codex series compared to the Song of Ice & Fire series. Thank you for the wonderful compliment.

    I have no sales figures on the series, but I don’t think that was what brought it to a premature close. Wizards of the Coast, who runs Mirrorstone Books (the imprint that produced the Dragon Codex books), changed its policy about what lines it wanted to continue printing. I have a great love and respect for them, and I’m sure they did what was best for the company.

    I have a synopsis for both Blue Dragon Codex and White Dragon Codex, but since Wizards of the Coast owns the copyright to the Dragonlance world, I cannot share the synopses with anyone. 😦

    I think both the blue and white dragons are some of the most fascinating of the race of dragons. Someday I think I will write a story about a different race of dragons, set in a completely different world. I’m particularly fascinated with the idea of an ancient blind sapphire dragon and what his final fate may be.

  101. R.S. Boyette said:

    I was pretty bummed to find out the last 3 books would not be written (especially the Blue as they are my fav species of dragon) Was this do to sales ? Im assuming so, and quite honestly I am surprised… as despite the fact that I am an older reader who enjoys such literary perfection as the Song of Ice & Fire series I was thoroughly engrossed in this series….is there even a slight chance that the future might allow for the final 3 books to make it out to the masses ? Were any of the final 3 written at all even in rough form ?

    Faithful reader

  102. Anonymous said:

    In the brass dragon codex it says a totally different order. It says something about a white dragon codex, a blue dragon codex, and a copper dragon codex. Are there these books?

    • Alas, those three books were planned, but never written though all the assistant scribes would have been happy to do it. Sindri Suncatcher’s notes were lost when the dragon armies attacked the Great Library. 😦

  103. so i just finished the Bronze Dragon Codex and in that Book it talked about a platinum dragon so does this mean there will be 11 books in all. I think in a week i can finish the last five these books r great and i can not put them down and i can not wait till I can find how they all nd
    I am also kind of lost after readding about Mudd is that the only book he will be in and are each book diffrent or in the end everything will be tied to everyone

    • Hi Amanda,

      There are seven books in all (see the post just above yours for a list and links). Each of the seven books is a separate story. We wanted to tell stories of all the different kinds of dragons because dragons are just so awesome. And Sindri Suncatcher was so good to go and meet the dragons and write notes of their stories to send to the great library, so we could write them. Unfortunately the other dragons’ stories– white, blue, copper–were lost when the library was attacked. So we won’t be able to publish those books.

      The platinum dragon is another matter altogether. Paladine is the leader of the good gods on Krynn. He can take many forms. One of his favorites is a befuddled old wizard. But he also takes the form of The Platinum Dragon when he wants to.

      I think it would be incredibly awesome to get to meet Paladine and learn all of his stories, especially his stories when he has been the Platinum Dragon. Unfortunately no one, including Sindri, that I know of has ever had a chance to interview Paladine. He is a diety after all. 🙂

    • Hi Amanda, I was assistant scribe on Bronze. The term platinum dragon refers to the deity Paladine in the Dragonlance world. He’s a very powerful, benevolent, and sometimes downright wacky god. While he doesn’t appear in any of the Dragon Codex books, he does show up in the original Dragonlance books, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, and Dragons of Spring Dawning.

  104. Hi Aine, Thanks for stopping by the website. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far. Here is a list of all the books in the series and links where you can buy them.

    Red Dragon Codex http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Codex-Deckle-Edge-Codices/dp/0786949252/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307322369&sr=8-1

    Bronze Dragon Codex http://www.amazon.com/Bronze-Dragon-Codex-Codices/dp/0786949309/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307322428&sr=8-1

    Black Dragon Codex http://www.amazon.com/Black-Dragon-Codex-Codices/dp/0786949724/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307322491&sr=1-1

    Brass Dragon Codex http://www.amazon.com/Brass-Dragon-Codex-Codices/dp/0786951087/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307322519&sr=1-1

    Green Dragon Codex http://www.amazon.com/Green-Dragon-Codex-Codices/dp/0786951451/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307322546&sr=1-1

    Silver Dragon Codex http://www.amazon.com/Silver-Dragon-Codex-Codices/dp/0786952539/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307322586&sr=1-1

    Gold Dragon Codex http://www.amazon.com/Gold-Dragon-Codex-Codices/dp/0786953489/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307322617&sr=1-1

    All together there were only 7 books published. Due to circumstances beyond R.D. Henham’s control (see Rebecca shelley’s post January 30, 2011 above) the Blue, White, and Copper Dragon Codex books never got written.

    No fault of Sindri Suncatcher who risked much to find the great dragons and bring us their stories, or R. D. Henham and her assistants who worked tirelessly to bring the stories to the world. Sindri’s notes for the final three books were burned when the Great Library of Palanthas was attacked by the dragon armies. Perhaps if you run into any of these dragons, you could share your stories with us. 🙂

  105. I just love all the dragon codex books, and just finished the Brass Dragon Codex, though I fear my love for this series is at an end, because there isn’t any White Dragon Codex out that I can buy, or any other books out besides the Gold Dragon Codex beyond that. I am aware that there 2 books before the White Dragon Codex, but I would love to get my hands on it. Oddly enough I keep coming across the Gold Dragon Codex which is said to come AFTER the White Dragon Codex. How can this be? Could the White Dragon Codex be sold out because it was that great of a book? Please inform me how to allow me to buy this book. Or the rest in the series for that matter. Thank you.

  106. More accurately, my 8 yo loves your books. Of course I think they are wonderful too. 🙂

  107. i love your books

  108. Hi Breanna,

    Thanks for leaving a post on the R.D. Henham website. Unfortunately it’s true there will only be seven books in the Dragon codex series. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Books are like my place to be alone in my own world too. I miss spending more time in that world of dragons.

    Storm Chaser sounds like a great name for a dragon. I’m glad you have so many dragons you can send to aid R. D. Henham in her fight against the evil dragon armies. Perhaps you could write about Storm Chaser and her adventures. That would be fun.


    Rebecca Shelley (assistant scribe to R. D. Henham)

  109. Breanna Gwozdz said:

    Hey im breanna im only twelve and me and my grand mother love R.D. Henhams books i was very scared when she wrote in the last book she made that it might be the last in the series i hope not cause books are like my world a place where i can be alone and be in the story itself and it made me think of a new metallic dragon that is called a platinum dragon and i want to be able to read the new books when im done with my mcas test i will send all my dragons i have over a thousand including my platinum dragon her name is storm chaser i hope she can help she is very powerful and always is filled with hope!!

  110. Is there any info on the next books in the series. it was a great way for my son and i to do something while i was in Iraq he would read the book then send it to me so i could. now that i am back i would love to finish the last few with him.

  111. when i first picked up A Practical Guide To Dragons several years ago it was my favorite book I would constantly flip through the pages reading it over and over again. My excitement only grew when i discovered the series. Once i was finished i started reading them to my nephew and now he’s likes them almost as much as i do, I have to admit i am disappointed that the last three books won’t come out but at least there was a codex for my favorite dragon the SILVER!!! you guys have inspired me to wright my own books about dragons and adventure. pleas look for them when they’re done

    • >you guys have inspired me to wright my own books about dragons and adventure<

      You should definitely do that. I can't wait to read them.

      • I would greatly appreciate your insight on story titles, character names, and dialoge which is the one i have the most trouble with. I am also thinking about joining a local writing group call the WORD WEAVERS here in Tennessee. My mom is also a writer and is trying to get a book published so everyone knows about but its only on amazon.com right now so any advice to her about the subject would be greatly appriciated also.

      • >I would greatly appreciate your insight<

        Sure, send me an email rebeccashelley at rebeccashelley.com

      • thank you I will definitely do that

    • Thomas, if you liked the Practical Guides, you might like my latest book, Young Wizards Handbook: How to Trap a Zombie, Track a Vampire, and Other Hands-on Activities for Monster Hunters. It’s a similar to the Practical Guide to Monsters, only with activities and games and recipes.

      Glad the books have inspired you!

  112. Prappleye said:

    My son is a bit heartbroken, but also feels accomplished that he has already read an entire series! It’s his first. I hope that the books continue down the road, but if not, thank you for making my son look forward to reading!

  113. Augustine,

    Thanks for your timely help. I’m sure you and your tamed monsters will be a great help. And with your wonderful imagination and writing skills, you could write a terrific story about heroes and dragons set in your own made-up world, if you haven’t already done so.

    Here’s a website that has a short story contest for young writers. http://www.youngvoicesfoundation.org/

    All the best,

    Assistant Scribe Rebecca Shelley

  114. I am so sorry about the situation over at Palanthas. Sindri Was among the best Dragonologists Krynn has ever had.
    As a Dragonologist myself, I have managed to tame and befriend 4 Draconians. I sent them to Palanthas as spies. Their goal is to smuggle as many citizens as they can out of the citadel. Im Also a Monsterologist, And throughout my Career I have befriended, tamed, captured, healed, saved, and killed many creatures. Im sending the ones that think of me as a friend me to help out R.D. A team of 4 Chimeras, 3 Trolls, 2 Phase Spiders, 2 Hobgoblins, A Silver And A Green are heading to Palanthas As we speak, I know they Wont change the course of the battle, but hopefully they can save R.D Please let me know of any info you receive from our allies, I Live in a castle by a forested road, Im cutting off enemy provisitions so eventually the lower enemy game such as Goblins will starve at Palanthas, But im Afraid there is nothing we can do about Dragons and draconians…except for fighting to death….May paladine help us all

  115. Hunter Harrison said:

    In the gold codex book I noticed that the White, Blue, and Copper are not in the list of all the books. The White hasnt come out yet and it was supposed to, and i am disappointed. Could you tell me why? Thanks.

    • Hi Hunter,

      Thanks for stopping by the website. Here is the last news we heard from R.D. Henham about the White, Blue, and copper books.

      >The Blue Lady, one of the most powerful and ruthless Dragon Highlords is attacking Palanthas with her dragons, draconians, and a terrifying flying citadel. Battle rages in the streets. The Temple of Paladine is burning. Even as I write, my fellow scribes are mounting a defense of the library. The section which houses my office is already in flames. I fear many of Sindri’s notes are lost. When this is over, if I survive, I will try to recover as much of Sindri’s research as I can. We may have to accept, however, that the final three books might never get written.<

      Since we have heard nothing after this last message, I am extremely sad to report that the notes for the final three books must have been lost during the battle. I believe we are all disappointd about this. Perhaps you could come up with a story about a white dragon set in your own made-up world and share it with all of us who also love to write and read about dragons.

      Assistant Scribe Rebecca Shelley

  116. susan owens said:

    I am sick. My son and I have shared wonderful evenings reading the dragon series. We have been waiting and aiting for the nekxt one. I hope that you will be able to finish the series. We read together every nightbut really loved this series.

  117. Tori Warfield (aka Ash Wolf) said:

    These books have inspired me to go further with my writing passion. I’ve always had a love for dragons ever since I could walk and talk (age 2ish). I know these books are listed as children’s books but even as an “adult” (turned 18 a few months ago) I still love them so much.

    Is there anyway I could become an assistant scribe?

    Please send my regards to R D Henham (if you can).
    I wish my dragon Terrwyn could help in the fight, she could be of great help.

    • Hi Tori,

      I’d love to meet your dragon, Terrwyn. I’m sure she would be a terrific help against the Blue Lady and her dragon armies. I’ve sent R.D. Henham word to look out for her. 🙂

      18 years old is a terrific age to start writing about dragons. You don’t need to be an assistant scribe. You can share all the stories about your own dragons on their own world anytime you like.

      http://www.ralan.com has a great list of places to submit fantasy stories for publication. Check it out, and I’ll watch to see your name in print soon.


      Rebecca Shelley

  118. Hannah, the Library of Palanthas is described one of the first books about Krynn, Dragons of Spring Dawning by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. That book inspired me to write about the dragons in Bronze Dragon Codex; I hope you can find similar inspiration!

  119. Thanks for the clarification!
    These books are still inspiring to me either way, because it is always fun to write a story about anything you learn, dragons or not!

  120. Is the Great Library of Palanthas real?
    I would really like to know,
    because I have dreams of monsters and dragons-
    but I’ve never really known if they were real or not.
    Please answer!
    Thank you,

    • Hi Hannah,

      Monsters and dragons are only as real as you want to make them in your own imagination, just like imaginary friends.

      Palanthas only exists on the world of Krynn, a world that lots and lots of people have enjoyed imagining for almost twenty years, since the original authors of that world, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, wrote the first Dragonlance books.

      If you have scary dreams about monsters and dragons try thinking about pretty things like fairies, flowers, castles, and princesses before you fall asleep. That will help your imagination come up with nicer dreams.

      As for R.D. Henham. Yes, she is also only as real as you and her assistant scribes imagine her. The assistant scribes, of course, are very real authors that live in your world and have their own big imaginations.

      Rebecca Shelley

  121. Hi, here are the links for where to buy the Smartboys Club books.
    Okay, I promised I’d post the links for where Bees in My Butt is for sale. Great news, it’s up at the special promotional price of 99¢ for a limited time.

    Here it is on Smashwords.

    Here it is on Amazon Kindle store.

    Here it is on Barnes & Noble.

  122. Karen Chipman said:

    My students LOVE your novels and we are hunting for the White Dragon Codex. Could you tell us when the book is due to be published? We have not found any information and 10 year olds are very persistent! Thanks, Karen

    • Hi Ms. Chipman,

      Great to hear from you. Assistant scribe Rebecca Shelley here. A war is raging at the moment on Krynn. This is the last letter we got from R. D. Henham.

      The Blue Lady, one of the most powerful and ruthless Dragon Highlords is attacking Palanthas with her dragons, draconians, and a terrifying flying citadel. Battle rages in the streets. The Temple of Paladine is burning. Even as I write, my fellow scribes are mounting a defense of the library. The section which houses my office is already in flames. I fear many of Sindri’s notes are lost. When this is over, if I survive, I will try to recover as much of Sindri’s research as I can. We may have to accept, however, that the final three books might never get written.

      This is a terrible tragedy that breaks my heart. Perhaps you could encourage your students to write or draw what they think might happen in the White Dragon Codex, the Blue Dragon Codex, or the Copper Dragon Codex. An activity like that may turn tragedy into opportunity to for creative fun.

      Though it may be a while before we hear from R. D. Henham again, I am writing a new series called The Smartboys Club series.

      In the Smartboys Club series, a group of forth grade geniuses use their skills in outrageous ways to defeat the challenges that confront them. Many people mistakenly assume that only people good at math and science are smart. The Smartboys Club proves differently. There are many kind of geniuses, and working together they can solve a slew of problems.

      The Smartboys Club Book 1: Bees in My Butt will be out in ebook by the beginning of next week, including a special license for teachers to print pages of the secret notebook to share with their students. I’ll post a link here as soon as it is available.

      Thanks for leaving a comment,

      Rebecca Shelley

    • My dear Madame Chipman,

      I fear that my fellow scribe is correct. Given the current situation in Palanthas, it may be a long time before we hear from R.D. Henham again. With luck, Sindri’s notes will be recovered and my fellow scribes and I can assist with further tales in the future. Unfortunately, we do not know when or if that may happen.

      Since life is so dangerous in Krynn these days, I took it upon myself to provide the frightened citizens with a survival guide. “Young Wizards Handbook: How to Trap a Zombie, Track a Vampire, and Other Hands-On Activities for Monster Hunters” was just released in September from Mirrorstone (guardians of the Dragon Codex books). It has many activities, games, crafts, and recipes that can help train people to survive encounters with monsters, as well as basic monster facts and plenty of illustrations to help you identify monsters.

      More info here:

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